Guild Membership

The Canadian Knifemakers Guild is an organization dedicated to the promotion of the hand crafted knife. Through our annual shows and regular newsletters we aim to provide a pleasant atmosphere where artists and craftspeople, as well as collectors and users can meet and exchange ideas. We provide technical assistance to member knifemakers, and encourage ethical and professional business conduct.

The Canadian Knifemakers Guild offers the following memberships:

Voting Membership

Must have served a minimum of one year as a Probationary Member. Following approval by a standards committee, the member may be recommended for Voting Membership by the Board of Directors. Voting members are entitled to all privileges offered by the Guild, and may vote on Guild issues.

Probationary Membership

Probationary Membership is granted by the Board of Directors. The applicants work must meet a minimum standard of craftsmanship. Probationary members are entitled to most benefits offered by the Guild, but may not vote on Guild issues.

Associate Membership

Associate members must be involved in a field closely related to the craft of knifemaking, enhancement or marketing. Associate members are entitled to most benefits offered by the Guild, but may not vote on Guild issues.

Friends of the Guild

Friends of the Guild fall into none of the other categories and yet have an interest in knives and knifemakers. They are interested in supporting the Guild and assisting in its growth. Friends are admitted to all Guild sponsored shows one hour early without charge, and are welcome at all Guild functions. They are entitled to receive the Guild newsletters. While comments, thoughts, and advice are welcomed, Friends of the Guild do not vote on Guild issues. For further information, or to join please contact the Guild secretary/treasurer Kathy Glavac <>

Honorary Membership

Application is not made for this category. It is reserved for those who advance the purpose of the Guild through extraordinary effort of dedication. Honorary members must be sponsored by a Voting Member and are appointed at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. Honorary members do not vote on Guild issues. 

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